What is the herbal tea? Plant roots, stems and leaves, flowers, fruits each site, after drying and process become beverage that is herbal tea. Herbal Tea was very popular in Australia, Wide variety of flowers and rich in bright colours  Herbal tea alias isscanted tea, mostly used in physical conditioning, skin care, body slimming, health care function.

        Advocate green and environmental protection today, herbal tea has become for people return to nature and enjoy the health, it brings people to another contains without caffeine and theophylline natural herbs drinks, also brings another kind of pure natural way of life.The benefits of herbal tea is  no stimulating effect. Therefore suitable for daily beverage, often drinkable herbal tea can adjust physique, alleviate discomfort and balance of  body.

           Flowers be tea, it from the ancient palace noble hairdressing habits,16th century, women also used in the bag containing flower wearing, in order to prevent the bacteria infections achieve the effect of aromatic flowers and plants at the time the medicine has also been used for cooking food, in ancient Greece there were burning medicinal herbs in the streets to disperse the plague, to the Roman period, even as the Roman people like to use spices, vanilla flavor in dietary supplements After hundreds of years of circulating in Asia, Arab vanilla extract distill became the civilized world by the ointment and perfume. As the East China flower or herbal use in medicine became tea is more a long history. Modern medical certificate, often drinking herbal tea can eliminate spot, moistening, eyesight, detoxification, skin, and regulation of endocrine and other effects.



      以花代茶饮用的方法,来源于古代宫廷贵人的美容习惯。在印度和中国的茶叶出现以前,花卉茶就已被皇妃贵族的女子们广泛饮用。十六世纪,妇女们还习惯在身上佩带装有花卉的布袋以防止细菌感染并达到芳香的效果在当时也已经把花卉药材用于烹饪食品上,而在古希腊时期,便有在街头燃烧大量药草以驱散瘟疫。到了罗马时期,更由于罗马人喜爱使用香料之故,将香草运用在食疗上。在经过数百年的流传,于是西亚的阿拉伯人便将香草加以萃取蒸馏成了文明世界的香膏与香精。至于东方世界里的中国,则以花草/药草泡茶入药更为久远。 近代医学证明,长期饮用花茶有祛斑、润燥、明目、排毒、养颜、调节内分泌等功效。