• wild chrysanthemum  山菊花




1. 治目疾眩晕,排脓解毒,消肿止痛。

2. 治白喉,口疮,小儿高热抽搐等症。

3. 治高血压, 野菊花则疏肝破血,祛风杀虫。

Channel tropism: liver

Main effect:    Antipyretic drugs, Solutions liver heat, Boils, ulcer, erysipelas, eczema, dermatitis,cold and swollen throat Pain. Wash the sores can be insecticidal. For ulcer treatment swollen purulent disease.         


 1. Eye diseases, dizziness, pus detoxification, swelling and pain 

 2. diphtheria, mouth sores, fever convulsions in children embolism. 

 3. Hypertension,  cool the liver and blood link expelling wind & insecticide.


wild chrysanthemum 山菊花

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