• Bracteantha bracteata 七彩菊



主要功效 产于西藏高山之中纯天然野生,具有散风清热,还有独特的美容奇效,长期饮用对女性面部美容有很好的疗 效,抗疲劳。护肤养颜,清润肺部解热毒、明目之功效。(可内服、外用)理气解郁,和血散瘀,治肝胃气痛,新风久痹,咯血吐血,月经不调,乳痛,肿毒,特别具有安定神经与助消化的作用,最适合餐后和睡前饮用,是失眠患者的最佳饮品。

Channel tropism: lung, liver

Main effect:      Originate in Tibet mountain natural wild,  clearing heat also for beauty effect, antifatigue, skin care and moisten lung clearing heat improving eyesight. (for oral administration,external use) regulating vital energy and  relieve upset  dissipating blood stasis effective of stomachache cause by liver-gas, for female abnormal menstruation, breast ache, pyogenic infections, stable nervous system and digestion, suitable for after meal or before bedtime drinking also for insomnia. 


Bracteantha bracteata 七彩菊

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