• Pubescent  holly leaf毛冬青



主要功效:具有养肝、护肝、清热的功效,特别适合容易上火、咽喉肿痛、烟酒过多、湿热、失眠、咳嗽、咳痰人群饮用。毛冬青是一种名贵的野生植物茶,调理人体的五脏六腑,排毒清肠胃, 解毒消肿或痈肿疔疮兼能提高人体免疫力或心血管阻塞有很大的作用

Channel tropism:  lung, liver, stomach .

Main effect:  Clearing heat & protect liver function,  suitable for swollen sore throat, excessive drinking and smoking , moist heat , insomnia, cough & phlegm. Pubescent Holly leaf tea is a kind of rare wild plants, recuperate internal organs, Detox & clean intestines,detoxification by swelling, furuncle, cardiovascular blocking & Strong immune system.


Pubescent holly leaf毛冬青

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