flower type 花草茶种类

归经: 心,肝,胃

功效: 天然健康食物能用于烹调,糕点,饮品或各种保健品,含有丰富维生素 A,C,E,改善粗糙皮肤感和增强弹性和骨胶原,增强免疫系统代谢功能,对肝胃有补益能减低焦虑忧郁症改善夜间视力。

Channel tropism: heart, liver, stomach

Main effect: Natural health food often used in cooking, pastries, drink and various health care product. Rich in vitamin A,C,E, improve rough skin enhance skin and bone collagen, strengthens the immune system tonic liver and stomach, reduce anxiety and depression also improve night vision.

butterfly pea 蓝蝶豆花

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