• apple flower  苹果花



Enhanced in blood tonic, detoxification, reduce menorrhalgia, uterus nourishing, clear spot, pimple, ozostomia and wrinkled clearing.



                                                             Apple flower 苹果花

 Apple flowers bright in color, with a unique fragrance for skin nourishing and also is a kind supplement. 

Channel tropism:spleen, lung

Main effect: 

1. Natural antioxidant, reduce the color melanin aggregates  , a great effect on skin whitening. 

2. Dark spots, remove acne, comedones ( blackheads & whiteheads) 

3. Eliminate the fishy smell, bad breath, prevent tooth decay, solution drunk.

4. Treatment for allergic reactions and nerve pain relieve mental fatigue. 

Natural plant nutrients:

                 Apple flowers contain a polyphenol, is a kind  medicine commonly used preservative insecticide Polyphenols easily dissolved in water and absorbed by the body, activating blood circulation, blood gas conditioning to alleviate the depressed, nourish uterine and endocrine modulation, relieve menstrual pain, for female may wish to drink often.

 Attention:     No adverse effects, suitable for any person 

Suitable match:  Rose, orange flower, forget me not, jasmine, lily, osmanthus, carnation, globe amaranth red and etc……..

                                      苹果花APPLE FLOWER


 归经:          脾、肺



1    天然抗氧化的功效能抑制黑色素的聚集,对美白皮肤大有功效。

2     对肝斑、黑斑、脸疱、粉刺、祛痘有明显的功效。

3     能消除鱼腥味、口臭、防蛀牙 、醒酒。

4     能治疗神经痛抑制过敏反应舒缓精神疲劳。



饮用忌宜: 无不良效果,适合任何人士

适合配搭: 玫瑰、橙花、勿忘我、茉莉、百合、桂花、康乃馨、红巧梅等等…




apple flower 苹果花

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