• blue mellow  紫罗兰


Coordination in liver function, bronchitis, influenza, fatigue. Mediation in respiratory first ,  sterilization and detoxification for liver enhancement. Suitable for bladder infection, sore-throat, constipation and  diuresis.


     Blue mellow 紫罗兰 


   Blue mellow flower origin from Australia, Blue mellow flower have many varieties and colors, purple with red, pink, light yellow, white, blue & other.Hot summer day in Australia blue mellow tea often to drink.  

 Alternate name: Common mallow, Schloss tea, Althea zebrine, high mallow, French hollyhock.

 Channel tropism:     liver, lung

Main effect:

1.  Ease headaches, Treatment of colds and flu also protection of the respiratory.

2.  Clean & detoxify urine, Reduce acidity of urine bag also can improve cystitis and constipation.

3.  Protection of sore throat and respiratory mucosa become smooth.

4.  For gout & rheumatism, to maintain normal function of muscles and skeletal system.

5.  Solution drunk anti-mental fatigue, eye tired, for tooth decay caused by the oral bad breath.

6.  Detoxification from liver, Improve body of  reproductive system & Ease the menopause symptoms.

7.  Blue mellow tea have a slight aphrodisiac function.

 Natural plant nutrients:

                Blue mellow is a type of  Natural Fungicides, it can reduce swelling & inflammation & improve wound healing, having blue mellow tea can become calmness & relieve insomnia because blue mellow also is a kind aroma therapy.

 Method:           { Blue mellow tea can be enjoyed hot or  cold }  

              Blue mellow flower originally is light purple color, After pouring hot water blue mellow tea turn to  brown , If  add some lemon juice or lemon sliced blue mellow tea with be change to pink color, so because that blue mellow tea alternate name is Super tea.  

 Attention:          Drinking blue mellow tea cause mild diarrhea, so because that diarrhea person not suitable to drink.

Suitable match:   Bodhi leaf, lavender, mint, chamomile, lily, honey, globe amaranth red, rose, osmanthus & other…..

                                                  紫罗兰BLUE MELLOW



       紫罗兰花原自于澳州国家品种繁多,花色有紫红、浅红、浅黄、白色等,花期和品种而不同色, 在澳州夏日淡热多作为下午茶。

归经:  肺、











紫罗兰冲泡法:          {紫罗兰冷热饮都一样美味}                        

   紫罗兰本是浅紫色,经水温泡后变化为褐色,若加入柠檬汁或柠檬片会变成粉红色相当有趣,也因如此紫罗兰并有SUPER TEA之称。

饮用忌宜:    紫罗兰有轻泻的作用,凡有腹泻症状的人士不宜使用。

适合配搭:   菩提花、熏衣草、薄荷、洋甘菊、百合、蜜糖 、洋甘菊、红巧梅、玫瑰、桂花、等等…...                       








blue mellow 紫罗兰

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