• lavender 薰衣草

Aroma of the tea leads to neurological calmness and relieving stress & nerving relax, for restful sleep, cure for stomach  discomfort & migraine, improving appetite & complexion.        (not suitable for pregnant women) 



                           薰衣草 LAVENDER


     Lavender is the most common aroma used for relaxation, to ease anxiety and reduce the stress, stability the nervous system, promote blood circulation and increase resistance also for endocrine balance.


Channel tropism:   LUNG, SPLEEN

Main effect: 

1. lower blood pressure, carminative, stability digestive system.

2. Ease anxiety and reduce stress, relieve headache, migraine, improving sleeping quality.

3. Calming nervous system, eliminate fatigue and nervous tension.

4. Prevent colds, cough, sore throat, Prevention in the cold early-type. 

5. Effective treatment of ulcerative stomatitis, bad breath and digestive system.

Ultimate natural antibacterial agent    external use

1. Lavender also is a kind chemical agent often use for extraction of raw material, placed into the cabinet, anti-mouse strains, mosquito and fly, insect, lice and other.

2. Lavender is medicines and healthcare the aroma can improve of women Menstrual period, difficulty breathing, tension, pressure, anxiety and neurological disorders.

3. Lavender  used to bathe to relax muscles, relieve sunburn of the skin by the sun (uv), at the night time using the lavender for bath, can make easy for sleep and relax your mind.

4. Lavender made sachet and put into pillow for nerve relax and sleep.

5. Japanese often like use lavender save into pocket for suppressing body odor, external application will ease the rheumatism neuralgia.

 Attention :

        As a reminder by the role of lavender, so pregnant women should avoid taking, Lavender is not suitable for high-dose applications avoid become to asthma phenomenon, asthma patients should drink a small amount .(between 10~20)

 Suitable match:  Mint, chamomile, rose, blue mellow, jasmine, carnation, apple flower and etc…


               薰衣草 LAVENDER



归经:              肺、脾



1.     降血压、袪风、安定消化系统。

2.  镇定神经、舒缓头痛、偏头痛、提高睡眠品质。

3.  安神、消除疲劳和精神紧张。

4.  预防感冒、咳嗽、喉咙痛。{预防于感冒初期型}

5.  对口腔炎、口臭、口腔受伤与消化系统基胃胀气有治疗的功效。

    天然强力抗菌剂:           〔外用〕

1.   薰衣草也是化学剂常提取原料之一用于≈抗鼠菌、放入衣柜中能驱蚊子和苍蝇、驱虫、驱虱等。

2.  薰衣草也是药用保健品之一用于≈香气能改善女性生理期间,呼吸困难、紧张、压力、焦虑和神经症也有治疗的功效。

3.  薰衣草用来沐浴,以放松肌肉,舒缓受阳光晒伤的肌肤,晚上用薰衣草沐浴,能使精神放松容易入眠。

4.  薰衣草制成香包放进枕内使脑袋神经放松易入眠。

5.  日本人常喜欢将薰衣草放进口袋中,以抑制狐臭,将之外敷可缓和风湿神经痛。






lavender 薰衣草

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